Great White (2021) เทพเจ้าสีขาว

[MINI-HD] Great White (2021) เทพเจ้าสีขาว [one2up] [1080p] [พากย์อังกฤษ 5.1] [ซับไทย (แปล) + อังกฤษ]

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คําบรรยายที่แปลโดย ชินทราน01 Struggling to keep their small seaplane business afloat, Charlie, a retired marine biologist and shark-bite survivor, his girlfriend Kaz, and friend Benny, are delighted when they are commissioned by high-flying holidaymakers, Joji and his wife, Michelle. However, as soon as the seaplane lands on a sandy beach of remote Hell’s Reef, disaster strikes, and the team find themselves trapped in a flimsy inflatable lifeboat with limited supplies. Now, the unfortunate crew drifts aimlessly in the dark, deep waters of the vast ocean, and they are not alone: a massive, stealthy great white shark has already picked up their scent, and it will stop at nothing to feed. Can they escape from the powerful jaws of the ultimate oceanic apex predator?

Great White (2021) เทพเจ้าสีขาว

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Great White (2021) เทพเจ้าสีขาว

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